Free Mutual Fund Tracker using Excel Download and Tutorial

Also tried to do the suggestion given by Abhijit and earlier members but not worked. So please update the version as it would be useful to everyone. Sir, i have download MF tracker excel sheet from your web site .

inf8 exchange

Hey this was exactly what I’ve been looking for to track my portfolio. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Hi Sastry, i was about to ask this question to Chandoo and you covered it.

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This is required for making full advantage of downloaded MF Tracker. Further to my earlier request, the statement should read as It is NOT getting displayed as part of the pop up menu. Thank you very much for providing the Mutual Fund tracking Excel sheet.

I downloaded it to my system and entered my mutual funds data. But i found that it works only for lumpsum investments and not for SIPs as it requires me to insert all my SIP investments data month-wise. Thanks for the superb excel file.

inf8 exchange

Getting live stock quotes from a web page could be tricky, have you tried nse / bseindia sites? They have web services exposed to grab the quotes in real time. Finally, based on the fund name, we fetch the NAV and NAV date using, you guessed it – VLOOKUP formula. The rest is easy to calculate.

I was trying to make my own sheet, after importing data, how to arrange the sheet, there are a lot of unnecessary rows. Manually its task to delete the row. As i am not able to find reliance nifty index fund in list , just make changes such that fund can be found easliy. Hi all, have created a Google Sheet version of this with some modifications. Please feel free to copy the sheet and use as you see best.

Hece am not seeing this fund in the drop down list. One point to be noted and learned is that people are investing money by ignoring all fundamentals and technical aspects. Thank you so much for visiting. My aim is to make you awesome in Excel & Power BI. I do this by sharing videos, tips, examples and downloads on this website. There are more than 1,000 pages with all things Excel, Power BI, Dashboards & VBA here. Go ahead and spend few minutes to be AWESOME.

Problems with MF Tracker?

That way, our drop down will be small and easy to use. Please read cascading drop downs page for details on how to do this. This will fetch updated funds list and latest NAV from AMFI India website.

  • As we are facing problems of format of the NAV data has changed in amfi.
  • Similar way I was trying to create « Equities Portfolio Tracker », but I am unable to find any source data in Tabular format for importing through « Excel web quarry ».
  • Thanks…….with paste special command & refreshable web query.

I do remember that once you posted simillar thing long back using site. I just came here to check that and found this good post too. As we know ,buying of sip is on monthly basis ,so how to fetch data of sip i.e its nav ,units ,date,and rate of return and total cost of invesment. Thanks for the wonderful excel tracker have been using it for some years.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker using MS Excel

MFs are not for day traders, unless you are trading very large volumes in liquid schemes. And wanted to learn whatever i could about the funds. I have a got some essential information by this posts thank for it… I too am using this excell sheet since long, please let me know from where to download the latest fixed version. @Chandroo Sir, Please update the excel file as well in the webpage, Thanks. My current NAV is link to a data on another sheet by Vlookup, and that data is an external link which update automatically daily.

The NAV tracker for Mutual fund is very good. If there is anything similar for shares of Indian Market please send the inf8 exchange link. Resulted in lost of around 60% – 70% portfolio of investors though traders are minting money in week market too.

Is there anyway I can track my latest share prices in BSE and NSE and also maintain my share data in an excel sheet. Now as you input fund names and refresh data, your portfolio gets updated. Once we load this data to Excel, we can build a simple 2 level cascading drop-down system to capture details on the “my funds” page.

How to connect to a SINGLE file on SharePoint from Power Query (Fix Unable to Connect Error)

Later you can withdraw cryptocoin from mining pool to your wallet or exchange market wallet such as Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex and so on. Everybody requesting query KINDLY NOTE that this website was last updated on July 6, 2018 as mentioned at the top. IT SEEMS Mr. CHANDOO IS NOT LOOKING AFTER THIS SITE ANY MORE. THEREFORE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TO POST A QUERY TO SAVE YOUR TIME. Thanks for the wonderful sheet, i was using it for last 2 years. However, due to permenant change by AMFI the file has stopped working since 14 June 2022.

Return calculations for MFs is a complicated task. Apart from the things you have mentioned there are other peculiarities like SIP, STP, annualization of return values. I have provided a basic framework for gathering MF data and measuring the performance. Once you have the data any set of performance metrics can be derived.

Would you like to spend next 5 minutes learning how to create an mutual fund tracker excel sheet? Make a live, updatable mutual fund portfolio tracker for Indian markets to keep track of your investments using this example. Thanks Chandoo for this amazing excel based portfolio. From past few days, I am not able to refresh new data to my portfolio. As we are facing problems of format of the NAV data has changed in amfi.

This sheet is useful to track a monthly value of each sip. So, if i have 5 SIP’s i need to make 5 entries. We can make a pivot to sum up each of this. @Gouri – You can use this source for the BSE 500 Stocks, I guess this covers pretty much 90% of most of the portfolios..

#### in Excel cell

We have to do lot of manual intervention for seeing the correct portfolio details. First of all, Let us applaud Chandoo for such a beautiful and helpful site. Since the Nav.txt is changed and hence it is causing all sorts of issues. Any way Chandoo will get it done, but till then following are the steps which can help. @ramhesh , this should work for you , if it doesn’t let me know. Also check if your formulas are consistent from the top cell to the lat one.

Which Excel Formulas should you learn first?

Unfortunately in the older version the pivot table gets corrupted. I keep a copy of the original file and reenter all the data again and it works till the next time it crashes. I am facing a small problem in terms of a particular mutual fund which is getting displayed as part of your pop up menu and also not available in the web query file.

I am looking for spread sheet for ULIP Funds. Please share if you have related to ULIP fund. You can see column right down where its shown latest nav , thats need to be updated.

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